Guide For Exporting PO’s - US to Canada (i.e. Genco ON)


The Commerce Interface portal will indicate which type your shipment will be. Please refer to the appropriate method below.

Groupon Goods (Chicago, IL) is the importer of record.


Small Parcel Method (less than 150 lbs, i.e. UPS)

  • Three copies of a commercial invoice need to accompany the shipment, including the following:
    • Complete name and address information (both shipper and consignee)
    • Phone numbers for both shipper and consignee
    • Terms of Sale (Incoterm)
    • Reason for export
    • A complete description of the item
    • What is the item?
    • What is the item used for?
    • Harmonized Tariff Codes (optional, if known)
    • Country of origin (where manufactured) for each commodity
    • Number of units, unit value, and total value (purchase price) of each item
    • Number of packages and total weight
    • Shipper's signature and date

It is REQUIRED to include the (3) copies of the commercial invoice in the shipping sleeve of each carton shipping to Canada.

 If you believe you could reduce the carton count by mixing SKU's, please reach out to for approval. This will help us minimize the number of cartons to ship across the border!


LTL carrier (greater than 150 lbs, i.e. ABF)

  • Both a commercial invoice and Certificate of Origin (COO) are required: Detailed instructions can be found below.
  • If you know the 10 digit HS tariff classification code for your product, please add to the Certificate of Origin, otherwise Groupon can provide this for you.

  • If the product is NAFTA eligible, please be sure to indicate the correct country of origin.

  • Please forward your completed documents to and have copies ready to hand over to the driver on pickup.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions to


Detailed instructions for shipping LTL (palletized freight):

  • You will need to fill out the required Canada Customs Invoice and NAFTA Certificate of Origin (COO) documentation in order for the shipment to clear Canada Customs.
  • Please reference previously supplied pdf files with some fields already populated, or use the links below.
  • Please be sure to complete the field list below, sign and forward to Groupon for verification ( Also, be sure to attach a hard copy of the Commercial Invoice on the shipment.


Canada Customs Invoice

  • Box 1 - Your complete address
  • Box 2 & 3 - Date & Groupon PO number
  • Box 4 - Consignee address (destination)

                        600 W CHICAGO AVENUE

                        CHICAGO, IL 60654


  • Box 6 - CANADA
  • Box 7 - Country of Origin (made in)
  • Box 8 - ABF FREIGHT

                        MISSISSAUGA, ON L5T3A5

  • Box 9 - SALE
  • Box 10 - CURRENCY OF PO (i.e. CAD or USD)
  • Box 11 - Number of shipments (please enter 1 for each PO)
  • Box 12 - Name of the product
  • Box 13 - Total amount of single units in PO
  • Box 14 - Sell price for single unit
  • Box 15 - Total of ($ of single unit X total amount of single units in the shipment)
  • Box 16 - Total weight of shipment
  • Box 17 - Invoice total same as Box 15
  • Box 22 - Check the box


NAFTA Certificate Of Origin

  • Box 1 - Your complete address and EIN (Tax ID)
  • Box 2 - Enter the date of shipment (‘From’) and a date 30 days in the future (‘To’)
  • Box 3 - Manufacturer's address and EIN (Tax ID)

                        600 W CHICAGO AVENUE

                        CHICAGO, IL 60654


                        Tax Identification Number: 45-4358486

  • Box 5 - Name of the product
  • Box 6 - HS Code for product (available from Groupon on request)
  • Box 7 - Country of Origin (Made in)
  • Box 11 - Signature information