Gateway is the Groupon Goods platform created to scale high quality flash deals and category assortments by making it easier for vendors to manage their catalogs, contracts, and inventory.

Goals of Gateway

  • Allow vendor catalogs to go live quickly
    • Bulk catalog upload
    • Quick inventory updates
    • Auto-pricing
    • EDI
  • Facilitate products to be easily contracted and featured
  • Make approval status and rejection reasons quickly available
  • Increase number of products on the site
  • Improve vendor experience by working with Groupon

As a Gateway user, you will have access to:

  • A single user experience to manage all product types

  • Advanced product catalog enhancements that support fast inventory and bulk-upload capability 

  • Increased visibility of the status of items and deals, as well as actionable error reports to help you fix upload issues 

  • A lightweight contracting flow that allows for easier submission of new deals and ongoing management of existing deals 

  • Improved exposure of your items by supporting a rich set of attributes that customers can filter on the site 

  • Full EDI capabilities