1. Navigate to the Product Groups page using the left-hand menu.

2. Click on the gear to the right of the product you would like to contract and choose “Create Contract” from the drop-down options.

3. A new contract will appear with the product’s information with the status “new”, signifying that the contract was just created.

4. Choose the contract start date by clicking on the blank field next to “Option Effective Date” and clicking on the desired date from the calendar. Repeat with the "Option Locked Until" for the contract end date.

5. Set the product’s cost to Groupon by clicking in the blank field under “Unit Price” and entering the price using (only numbers, no currency symbols).

6. In the field below “Minimum # of Units”, enter the minimum number of products that will be set aside to sell on Groupon’s site. If more units are desired to be sold, they can be added later.

7. Read the Terms & Conditions at the top of the page and click on the box to the left of the sentence that begins “By clicking ‘Agree & Submit’...”. After confirming that all information on the contract is correct, click on the box marked “Agree & Submit” in the lower right corner. If there is incorrect and un-editable information on the contract, click on the box marked “Close” and contact your account manager to make changes.

8 .Once you have submitted your contract for review, it will appear in the Contracts page found on the left-hand menu with the status “Pending Review”.

9. If your contract is rejected, the status will be “Rejected” on the Contracts page. 

             When clicking into the contract, a rejection reason can be found by hovering over the “Rejected” status to explain why the contract was rejected or if there are any changes that the buyer wishes to make before accepting the contract. After making any changes, resubmit the contract for approval.

10. If the contract is accepted, your product will appear with the status “Contracted” on the Contracts page, as well as the dates the contract is effective.