Bulk Upload Template Tabs

The Bulk Upload template Excel file has several tabs to aid you in filling out your product information. The “Template” tab is where all information is entered; this is the tab that will be saved and uploaded into the Gateway system.  

  • Columns highlighted in blue are required
  • Columns in white are optional. 

The other tabs include:

  • Instructions & Best Practices - A quick guide to using the Bulk Upload tool
  • Template - Where to enter all product information
  • Definitions - An overview of what columns mean and what each field accepts
  • Category ID - A list of valid category IDs that will be accepted in the template
  • Attributes - List of attributes that are associated with each category. This includes whether or not they are required and if they create a variation based upon the value.
  • Attribute values - List of values that are valid for each attribute

Join Account Manager Kate Heinricher as she walks you through the Gateway Bulk Upload template column by column.

The password for this video is: Gateway