Featuring is a process in which a product group is given more attention than it normally would receive. Featured product groups get Groupon Editorial write-ups, go through the Image Design department, and are promoted more heavily in marketing pushes.

Features must be initiated by the buyer. Often, the buyer will pick up product groups that have been contracted, but product groups do not have to be contracted in order to be featured. Once chosen to be featured, the buyer sends the product group to Editorial for a write-up and to Image Design to ensure that the product images abide Groupon standards. If a product group has been featured and sent through Editorial in the past, the buyer can choose to bypass Editorial and the deal can go live quicker.

Featured product groups are chosen by buyers because they are good deals and high quality products that will sell well. Contracting your product group brings your product to the buyers attention by agreeing to a price and minimum number of units. Product groups can be featured multiple times, but the dates for different features cannot overlap.