Getting Started: Deal Process Overview

  1. Create Products: All products are uploaded to the Gateway Platform in bulk, or manually in the user interface
  2. Approval Process: After products are uploaded to your product catalog, they will go through an approvals process to ensure that they are appropriate for Groupon's brand. 
  3. Product Approvals: If rejected, feedback is quickly provided to you in order for products to be fixed and approved. When full approved, products will go live on site.
  4. Available On Site: After approvals, if inventory is made available to Groupon for customer purchase (by entering a Merchant Available QTY of greater than 1 during or after product creation), the products will go live on site for customer purchase. 
  5. Order Fulfillment: Orders will drop into Commerce Interface. Click here for information on how to fulfill orders, and here for the Groupon Goods Dropship Requirements. 

All product groups created in Gateway have the same basic rules...

  • Product groups will be live on site for 10 years; or until inventory is set to 0, inventory is depleted, or products are rejected.

There are three types of deals (aka Product Groups) in Gateway:

  1. Low touch Deals - the default type of deal. Products go live for purchase, without the relevancy boost of a featured deal. 
  2. Contracted Deals - contracting is done with your buyer, and locks in the product cost for a certain period of time. 
  3. Featured Deals - buyer buying partner will work with you to feature your deal, which will provide a relevancy boost and editorial treatment to your deal. 

details below...

Low Touch Deal

Every product group, or deal, that is created in Gateway starts out as "Low-Touch"

  • Low touch means that the deal will be live for customer purchase, but will not have the relevancy boost and customer visibility of Featured deals. 
  • All information that is entered for your product group will show up directly on the deal page, including description and bullet points
  • Products will go live immediately after all approvals have been passed and merchant available QTY is greater than 0

Contracted Deal

You can choose to contract your product group. 

  • Locks in a unit price for a set period of time
  • Provides a minimum number of units to be available on Groupon's site
  • Allows product groups to be contracted multiple times
  • Is vendor-initiated

Featured Deal

If you are offering a great priced, high-quality item, a buyer can choose to feature your product group. With this option:

  • The deal goes through our editorial and image design department to have content professionally edited
  • The deal is eligible for emails and other marketing pushes
  • The deal is given preferential treatment on
  • Buyer initiates

Contracting and featuring can be done separately or together. If used together, the feature and contract dates do not have to coincide.

Join our Account Manager Jen A. as she shows you how deals work in the Goods Gateway platform.

The password for this video is: Gateway