To review all process and procedures, please go to the current Groupon Goods Vendor Guide.  

3PL Post Purchase, Consignment, Pre-Buy Best Practices

  • Purchase orders must be scheduled in CI by 12:00 PM CST of the 3PL Ship-By date.

  • The scheduled pick-up time must be prior to 5:00 PM CST of the 3PL Ship-By date and pick ups need to be scheduled directly with FedEx when shipping freight collect.

  • All pick-up windows should be 3 hours and someone must be available throughout the entire scheduled pick-up window.

  • Master carton shipping labels must be scannable and include the Groupon purchase order number for easy identification.  

  • Each master carton may contain no more than 1 UPC if the Goods consist of apparel.

  • Each master carton may contain no more than 12 UPC if the Goods consist of footwear.

  • Each master carton containing all other types of product may contain no more than 6 UPCs.  

  • Each individual unit must be labeled with a scannable UPC barcode. The UPC on the product must match the UPC as listed on the purchase order.

Drop Shipping Best Practices

  • Tracking should be uploaded into Commerce Interface (CI) within contracted SLA.  Shipping units on time without uploading tracking will still result in late orders.

  • Units should be shipped the same day tracking is added into CI since tracking uploads signal a shipping notification to Groupon customers.

  • All shipments should include Groupon branded stickers or tape (  as well the packing slips generated directly from CI.  If you will be using a custom packing slip this must be approved by compliance prior to use.

  • Ensure the correct return address (Ship From) on packaging and/or packing slips.  The current returns address is:

    • Groupon Goods

 1081 Aviation Blvd

 Hebron, KY 41048

For questions or comments, please contact your Account Manager or email