When updating inventory, the Merchant Available Quantity field (Quantity field in bulk upload), should contain total units available to fulfill future orders (making sure to deduct any units already allocated to pending orders).

There are two options for updating your product inventory. The first, bulk update, allows you to update your inventory to multiple products at once and is similar to the Bulk Upload tool. The second, Single Product UI, allows you to update inventory to products one-at-a-time. This is a good option if you only need to update one (or a few) products.

Bulk Update

1. Go to the Bulk Upload page in Gateway

2. Click on the button marked “Cost & Inventory” under the "Export" section in order to download your catalog file. Do not use the Full Catalog download if you are only updating Cost and/or Inventory.

3. Open the downloaded .csv file in Excel

4. Create changes to any product field(s) except for SKU. SKU is the unique identifier for products and if this field is changed, a new product will be created.

5. Save your file in the original .csv format.

6. Once the file has completed, it will have a red cloud icon or green cloud icon. If a red cloud icon is present, your file has errors and needs to be revised. Any products not in the error file have been successfully uploaded. See How to fix a bulk upload error file if your file has errors.


7. When products have been uploaded, the "Status" column will show a green cloud icon. Your file was accepted and your products have been updated.

Single Product UI

You can edit your product inventory directly by either finding the product or the product group that the product is under.

1. Find your product or product group on the appropriate catalog management page.

2. Click on the product name to bring up the product information page.

3. Click on the Merchant Available Quantity field for the product(s) you would like to edit and enter the new inventory.

4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

5. Refresh the page to confirm that the changes have been made to the Merchant Available Quantity field.

For more information about inventory, see How does inventory work?